Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

The hobbit band...

In the cramped Paard, last wednesday: Marillion
They were once ranked the 38 best live act. And they are still good... much better than the whining of kayleigh would let you expect
Look how these guys have changed

Singer Fish of course it not there any more. Since a long time it is Steve Hogarth
The other band members are Steve Rothery (electric and acoustic guitars (1979–present), Pete Trewavas (bass guitars, backing vocals, additional guitars, samples and effects (1982–present), Mark Kelly (keyboards, samples and effects, backing vocals, programming (1981–present) and (Ian Mosley – drums, percussion (1984–present)

My favorite of course is Steve Rothery

and his amazing collection of guitars

Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Crossing border 2011

Heather Nova
Gavin Friday

Islet (should rather be called "the Jumpers")

"...hunt her down, because that is what communities are for"

Sonntag, 13. November 2011


The charming dutch singer Krystl in the Paard van Troje, 11.11.11
That is what the Paard itself writes about Krystl....
In de lente van dit jaar werden we via de radio regelmatig bestookt met een vrolijk liedje, Bottles genaamd. Een vlot nummer, gezongen door een stoere damesstem. Deze dame was Krystl, een 27-jarige Amsterdamse, die precies weet wat ze wil. Haar single ‘Golden Days’ werd het thema van de Martini-commercial, ze won in april een 3FM Award voor Beste Nieuwkomer en de popzangeres mocht in het Gelredome en Sportpaleis Antwerpen optreden met Marco Borsato.

Krystl’s talent werd per ongeluk ontdekt op het conservatorium toen ze eigenlijk meeging om te helpen bij een auditie van iemand anders. Ze werd direct toegelaten en studeerde later af op het conservatorium in Enschede. Nu is de zangeres klaar voor het grote publiek: 'Ik heb ontzettend veel zin in deze clubtour! Ik heb er altijd al van gedroomd om ooit zelf een tourtje te mogen doen en nu is het dan zover! Het gaat heel gaaf worden!''
and here is what she writes about herself
for comparing her with Melissa Etheridge she really is not wild enough
......and bathing in the crowd

Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

the te3th

Amsterdam, Paradiso 13.10.2011
at a certain point, the concert was interupted because the computer was broken.... with all the songs on it
so they threw the computer into the crowd
I am still convinced that it was all fake, because the concert continued afterwards without a change
and some of the guests...

Samstag, 2. April 2011

De Kift, 31.3.2011

De Kift is a dutch band found in 1988.

The music is influenced by punk, fanfare, rock and popmuziek.

The lyrics use poems from for example Lucebert, Wolfgang Borchert, E.M. Remarque en Jan Arends.

The members are Ferry Heijne: vocals, trombone, trumpet, gitar, Jan Heijne: trumpet, Han Hulscher: trumpet, lira, Patrick Votrian: trombone, tuba, eufonium,

Mathijs Houwink: (contra)bas, guitarron,Wim ter W eele: drums, gitar, vocals,Pim Heijne: gitar, banjo,Marco Heijne: vocals, samples, lira, steeldrum.
Their albums are collectors items... CD's for example come in wooden cigar boxes, books with a lot of plates to glue in. They are full of fotos and drawings and real works of art.
But they also have an inventive collection of instruments, a lot of them self made.Here an organ playing a paper strip
Tuning the big sound machine in the background
Playing on glasses
and on a suitcase