Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

can we get 9 beer for the band, please....

Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo at Speakers in Delft on 30.11.2012
Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo was formed in 1998 by a group of musicians, who met to listen to and interprete  music of Frank Zappa (1940-1993).
The band consists of singers Reinier Parengkuan and Ron van der Kraan (ex-The Walkman) and the gituarists Derk Groen (ex-Anouk, ex-Q65) and Paul de Jong.
Evert Willemstijn plays bass guitar in the band.
Saxofonist Boris van der Lek (ex-Golden Earring, ex-Hans Dulfer) and drummer Arie Verhaar also frequently take part.

The music are not real covers of Frank Zappa, but rather free interpretations with a lot of dynamic soli of the different, excellent musicians.
In juni 2005 the band released a first CD ZapsurditieZ. It was a big success and two month later the band appeared at the Zappanale, an international Zappafestival in the east German town Bad Doberan. Ther thez also played with Ike Willis, who was one of Zappa's guitarists and singers from 1978 until his death in 1993.

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Life.... A ditch or a river?

Crossing Border 2012 in The Hague
A writer can write an excellent book, but that does not necessarily make him an entertainer as well. I guess, most of those hating publicity would not show up at crossing border anyway. Some of those who show up, entertain, but do not tell a lot of news. The Italian writer Fabio Genovesi is not an entertainer, but his wise comments and funny blows at the state of Italy for sure were a good advertisement for his book "Vissen voeren" (Feed fishes) about the absolutely useless and boring life in one of those extraordinarily beautiful Italian cities. "Imagine to live in Siena,..... absolutely impossible..."

Luis Gabriel Vasquez about his book "the sound of things falling", the history of Columbia when he was a kid in the 80ies, with Pablo Escobar shooting everybody who was not agreeing with him. I really wanted to start to write this book, when I read that they had killed the Hippo with three bullets. If you want to know why they killed the Hippo in Columbia, read his book
Most and unfortunately increasingly more of Crossing border is about music. And there were loads of interesting bands.
 One of my friend Mike's (who again was an excellent guide for the Music part of crossing border) favorite:

The Girls band "stealing sheep"
However, Mike's real favorite was the british band "race horses"
My favorite was the heavy guitar folk rock of the "two gallants". Evidence that you do not need more than a voice somewhere between Tom Waits and Alice Cooper, a guitar and a set of drums to make exciting music 
The Shilhouettes


Famous.....Why he and not me?

The american english songwriter Julian Velard gave a concert in the Paard
His musics reminds most of Randy Newman
Julian apparently is envious of Justin Bieber.... Why HE and not Myself
why does this mike do that? It seems to turn away from my mouth
He was supported by Anthony's Putsch

Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Wait for me....

The Zita Swoon Group in the paard, 1.11.2012
Travelling to Burkina Faso in 2010, singer-songwriter Stef Kamil Carlens, frontman of the Belgian group Zita Swoon, met balofonist Mamadou Diabaté Kibié and singer Awa Demé. 
The sound of the resulting project is a mixture of roug acoustic blues and folk with the traditional ‘mandingue’ music of West-Africa. The songs tell about the problems of the modern african society. ‘Wait for me, attends-moi, Sababou’ is what the day brings.
This immediately became my most favorite music of the moment
And no song without the blue rabbit

Evening of the idols of the hague

On 31st of october, the paard celebrated its 40th birthday with a double concert of the 2 of the most famous music idols in town: barry hay and di-rect
Barry Hay performed with his latest band the flying V's, a band of 4 young musicians. Of course he did not forget to remind everybody of his presence, 40 years ago, at the opening evening. 
But who can better describe this evening than my friend Mike, who wrote about this performance in his column in The Hague online:
"Resembling a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Elvis, Barry Hay crooned and rocked through his set to an adoring audience of all ages. The highlight, as always, had to be his ever popular 1973 hit Radar Love.
DI-RECT present a confusing fusion of styles. Most of the band, and especially beardy front man Marcel Veenendaal come across like a classic 70's prog rock band in the style of say, Jethro Tull.
But the ace up their sleeve is the lead guitarist, Spike, who also has his own band that I often rave about called The Deaf.

His punky style is completely at odds with the others.
Although the prog rock stuff tends to bore me, my favourite songs were those in which Spike cavorted around the stage like a man possessed thrashing his raucous Fender and creating psycho-garage-pop guitar riffs as a spectacular contrast to the image and sound of the rest of the band."
The concert was opened by New Zeelander Sam Holden, who is the short list of the voices of Netherland contest
With thanks to Mike Grunfeld for the comment and the ticket