Samstag, 2. April 2011

De Kift, 31.3.2011

De Kift is a dutch band found in 1988.

The music is influenced by punk, fanfare, rock and popmuziek.

The lyrics use poems from for example Lucebert, Wolfgang Borchert, E.M. Remarque en Jan Arends.

The members are Ferry Heijne: vocals, trombone, trumpet, gitar, Jan Heijne: trumpet, Han Hulscher: trumpet, lira, Patrick Votrian: trombone, tuba, eufonium,

Mathijs Houwink: (contra)bas, guitarron,Wim ter W eele: drums, gitar, vocals,Pim Heijne: gitar, banjo,Marco Heijne: vocals, samples, lira, steeldrum.
Their albums are collectors items... CD's for example come in wooden cigar boxes, books with a lot of plates to glue in. They are full of fotos and drawings and real works of art.
But they also have an inventive collection of instruments, a lot of them self made.Here an organ playing a paper strip
Tuning the big sound machine in the background
Playing on glasses
and on a suitcase