Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

dancing to a tune of doom and gloom....

Killing Joke are an English post-punk band formed in October 1978 in Notting Hill, London, England. 

On September 29th., they played in the Melkweg Amsterdam 
In 1987"Big" the Drummer Paul Ferguson met Jeremy "Jaz" Coleman and he and Ferguson formed Killing Joke. 
They placed an advertisement in the music press which attracted guitarist Kevin "Geordie" Walker and bassist Martin "Youth" Glover. 
According to Coleman, their manifesto was to "define the exquisite beauty of the atomic age in terms of style, sound and form"

The band separated and reformed several times.

In 2008 the original line up of Jaz, Youth, Geordie and Paul Ferguson announced they were to reunite

Jaz Coleman is currently writing a mass for choir and orchestra, comprising of Killing Joke’s music with the original lyrics translated into Latin for full chorus for a recording and two nights in London in 2011.
Coleman was nominated Composer in Residence by the European Union. He has to compose songs for official occasions.
And this is the start-up band, of which we did not expect a long existence, so here some pictures in memoriam:

the sound was characterised by monotonous, but loud scratching voice of the lead singer, which seems only to know one tone.

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