Freitag, 8. März 2013


"Nelson can" and "Yes sir yes" in the Patronaat in Haarlem


SIGNE: BASS + vocals
MARIA: DRUMS + vocals
The band operates with several dogmas and a very noticeable one of them is that they don’t use guitars. The sound is original and "to-the-bone" simple, inspired by rock and punk bands like the White Stripes, PJ Harvey, Gossip, the Black Keys and Dead Weather.
The set-up with only drums and bass creates the perfect frame for the simple, yet very powerful minimalistic bluesrock inspired sound.
With charismatic singer Selina Gin in front, the music is taken to new heights when she roars out through the speakers with a power and confidence that has captivated audiences all over Europe.
(the text is taken from their website)
Yes Sir Yes is a band from Antwerp, Belgium.They are Tijs Delbeke (zang, gitaar), Tom Veugen (gitaar), Dries Laheye (basgitaar), Alban Sarens (toetsen, tenorsax) en Dave Menkehorst (drums)
They are also playing in the Supermarket in The Hague on 13/4 and in the Paradiso in Amsterdam on 1/5

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