Freitag, 12. November 2010

We are here because of all the madness in the world....

Music with a message..... Nneka in the Paard, 10.11.10

Nneka gave a concert in the paard in memoriam of Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa who was hanged by the Nigerian government for his campaign against the conduct the big oil multies in the Niger Delta.
Nneka Egbuna (born 24 December 1981) is the daughter of an Anambra state-Igbo Nigerian father and a German mother. She was born and raised in the Delta region of Nigeria, and went to the primary school of the Delta Steel Company, then the secondary school at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. After relocating to Hamburg, Germany, at the age of 18, she pursued a career in singing alongside a degree in Anthropology. She now divides her time between Nigeria and Hamburg. She sings in both English and Igbo.

Her lyrics reflect much of her history and life in Nigeria as well as her time spent in Western Europe. Her songs stress the issues of capitalism, poverty and war and are often loaded with moral and biblical messages and references
This was obviously not very well understood by the audience of the Paard in the Hague, who did not show big interest in any third world problems in general or the environmental catastrophy created by the big oil companies in the Niger Delta. Sometimes they were so loud that it was even difficult to hear Nneka if you were standing in front of the stage   
I did not understand why she calls herself a hiphop singer:

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