Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Life.... A ditch or a river?

Crossing Border 2012 in The Hague
A writer can write an excellent book, but that does not necessarily make him an entertainer as well. I guess, most of those hating publicity would not show up at crossing border anyway. Some of those who show up, entertain, but do not tell a lot of news. The Italian writer Fabio Genovesi is not an entertainer, but his wise comments and funny blows at the state of Italy for sure were a good advertisement for his book "Vissen voeren" (Feed fishes) about the absolutely useless and boring life in one of those extraordinarily beautiful Italian cities. "Imagine to live in Siena,..... absolutely impossible..."

Luis Gabriel Vasquez about his book "the sound of things falling", the history of Columbia when he was a kid in the 80ies, with Pablo Escobar shooting everybody who was not agreeing with him. I really wanted to start to write this book, when I read that they had killed the Hippo with three bullets. If you want to know why they killed the Hippo in Columbia, read his book
Most and unfortunately increasingly more of Crossing border is about music. And there were loads of interesting bands.
 One of my friend Mike's (who again was an excellent guide for the Music part of crossing border) favorite:

The Girls band "stealing sheep"
However, Mike's real favorite was the british band "race horses"
My favorite was the heavy guitar folk rock of the "two gallants". Evidence that you do not need more than a voice somewhere between Tom Waits and Alice Cooper, a guitar and a set of drums to make exciting music
The Shilhouettes


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